Canal Du Midi

The Canal du Midi took 12,000 men and 15 years to build, and is an impressive feat of engineering, containing 350 locks and bridges.

The 240 km canal is edged all along with a towpath lined with 300 year old poplar trees, which in addition to providing welcome shade as you stroll or cycle along the banks were actually planted for the practical purpose of stopping water evaporation and erosion of the banks of the canal.

The canal runs through the heart of the village of Homps, which is only 3 km away, and has several restaurants and cafes along the banks.  From here it is possible to hire a boat for the day or if you prefer you can enjoy a guided trip along the canal.

A few kilometres down the canal from Homps, and within cycling distance of La Maison Des Vignes, is the Aqueduc de Repudre, the oldest aqueduct on the canal and the second oldest in the world.