Local Towns


Within a short distance of Tourouzelle there are many other towns and villages offering a view of French life that is far removed from the stresses and strains of modern living.




The Canal du Midi runs through the centre of Homps, which is only a short distance from Tourouzelle.  Alongside the canal in Homps there are various good quality restaurants and cafes.
There are daily organised boat trips along the canal and if you are keen it is also possible to hire your own boat for the day and explore at your own pace, perhaps stopping off at one of the other restaurants along the canal.





Olonzac is a charming market town and its’ weekly Tuesday market is the place to go to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables as well as locally produced cheeses, honey, confit and Charcuterie (cold meats).

Within the centre of the town is a beautiful park containing a pond complete with swans and ducks.  As well as three tennis courts, there is also a children’s play area. Olonzac also has several restaurants and bars.




This 11th century “town on a rock” can only be visited on foot and is located on a promontory at the confluence of the Cesse and Brian rivers. The ruins and frontages of many of the houses ensure that Minerve retains its medieval look.

Within the Church of Saint-Etienne, on the high altar table, there is an inscription indicating that it was consecrated in 456.  There are also the remains of the fortress, where numerous Cathars had taken cover from Simon de Monfort in 1210. After five weeks of siege the Cathars were forced to surrender and when given the choice of converting or being slaughtered, 180 townspeople refused to deny their faith and in consequence were burned at the stake.


Lezignan Corbières

Lezignan has a long history dating back to 806 when the town was called Licinianus.  The 13th century church of St Felix is surrounded by promenades lined with plane trees, tiny squares and alleyways.  There are several restaurants in Lezignan as well as larger supermarkets on the edge of town.

Lezignan is the capital of the Corbières wine region and its Wednesday morning traditional French market is very popular with locals and visitors alike.  If wandering around the market gets too much, then you can take a seat at one of the cafes along Cours de la République and enjoy the sunshine while taking part in the traditional French pass time of people-watching.
For those interested in the history of wine-making, then the Musée de la Vigne et du Vin in Lezignan is worth a visit. The oldest wine cave co-operative in the Aude, Le Chai des Vignerons can be found on the outskirts of the town.